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7 Best Instant Translators Of 2012

There are lots of different online services that can help you translate from one language to another. There are so many in fact, that it can be difficult to know which to choose. To help you save time we have compiled a list of the best instant translator.


Google Translate

The best translation tool at the moment is Google Translate. It can help you translate texts and websites into a wide variety of different languages. As of this writing Google Translate is capable of translating over 60 languages. The quality of their translations is constantly improving, as well. In addition to that, they have many unique features. You can hear anything you translate spoken with their listen feature. One more particularly useful feature is how they handle languages with characters. If you translate something into Chinese for example, you will also receive a pinyin transcription as well.



BabelXL runs their translation technology based on Google Translate, so they support the same number of languages that Google itself does. You are able to use virtual keyboards on the site to enter text from many different languages. You can also paste the text you need translated into their website to get an automatic translation.



Another lesser known, but still accurate and fast translator is Frengly. At this website, you will be able to translate from over 30 languages. Thanks to their support of virtual keyboards, any input you enter can be detected with ease. All you need to do is write your text, and then choose the language you want it translated to.


Nice Translator

Nice Translator is another service that is based on Google’s technology. They offer support for over 60 languages. Just like several of the other services mentioned, your input will be detected automatically. One significant part about Nice Translator is that you can translate multiple languages from the same page.


PROMT Translator

With PROMT Translator, you can translate web pages as well as ordinary text. When it comes to text translation this service is capable of translating into seven languages. They are Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Russian and Italian. If you need to translate a webpage you have four languages to choose from, Spanish, German, English and Russian.



By using SYSTRANet you get your text translated into 14 languages. You won’t have any problem getting any document translated. This is thanks to the fact that you can enter 3,000 words for each translation. SYSTRANet also supports translating entire web pages. One feature that SYSTRANet has that many of its competitors do not be RSS translation.



At WorldLingo, you will be able to translate over 30 languages. You have a wide variety of options when it comes to the format of your text. You can translate a website, text, document, or you can have an email translated and send it straight to your friends. One unique feature of WorldLingo is its eBay translator option. You can have your eBay listings translated to a number of different languages. This is extremely useful if you anticipate having foreign users looking at your auction.


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