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Dealing With Cockroaches Effectively

Everybody needs to handle insect infestations be it a homeowner or a cafe owner. Insects are of various kinds and can cause problems to an establishment, a house or our health. Therefore, to be able to cope with them you need to follow various approaches. Cockroaches are one of the most common insects in the world. Even the most seasoned professionals can have a hard time dealing with roaches. We asked a pest control professional from a company  Pest Control Toronto Professionals. They provided some good tips that you can use to deal with roaches. (more…)

Pest Control Cost : Pest Control Services

Cockroaches feed on all manner of decaying and putrid materials. They have a remarkable ability to survive in adverse conditions and can carry and transmit diseases. Keeping the house clean and regular check up to ensure there is no pest breeding things in your house will control the growth of cockroaches and give you freedom from these little insects for a long time. Methods mentioned below will help to a considerable extent, but can’t suffice in many cases.

How to Prevent Cockroaches?

Clean up all the areas where particles of food frequently accumulate. These may include unwashed dishes, kitchen sink, uncovered food, furniture, cabinet back, cupboards and storage areas. Also clean up any spilled liquid immediately.

Eliminate food and water sources in the kitchen which cockroaches can use for self feeding. Keep all of the kitchen waste and excess refuse in a cockroach proof container and dispose the waste everyday morning. Outdoors, garbage cans, racks, platforms or slabs should be cleaned regularly. How to Avoid Resurfacing of Cockroaches?

Check if there are any cracks in home foundation, exterior walls, floors, ceilings. If you see any signs of cracks, get it sealed immediately. There are many quick-seal products available in the market which you can use for same. Seal openings around plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, windows and walls. Ensure that there are no leaky water pipes as it can invite cockroaches. 2 Simple Home Remedies to Control Cockroaches

Using powders – You will get cockroach killer powders, also known as boric acid powder, (don’t use pesticide spray) in the market which you can apply on your own. Just put this powder behind appliances, along the path on which cockroaches move and areas which you feel are particularly prone to cockroaches. And wait for few days before it shows its complete effect. You will find that this powder sticks to cockroach body and poison them hence killing them silently. Just ensure that the powder is not applied in any area which is accessible for children.

Using Baits – You can also use baits which are typically poisoned foods. These come in the form of gels, granules, pastes etc. if you are having excess problems of cockroaches in your house, you can try applying powder in combination with baits. These baits are food materials hence attract cockroaches. And once cockroaches eat these baits, they die in their hiding place. This can be highly effective way to kill troublesome cockroaches. Conclusion And even despite doing all above, if you feel that cockroaches are troubling you – it’s time to take immediate action.

Call up any good pest control company and let them handle these cockroaches professionally. But don’t delay it for long, as the more you delay the more harm these little insects can cause. So once you know that the cockroaches have gone out of control, the only thing you should do is to immediately call a professional pest control service and take their help. Pest control cost will be much less than the relief you’ll get once pests have been killed/removed.

Dealing With Bed Bugs On Your Own

Bed bugs have been unwanted visitors in most homes and families. Their unsightly nature and blood sucking prowess make them a dangerous companion to have at any point in time. Not to talk of shame and disgrace associated with being known as having bed bugs in your room by your friends and co-workers. That is why their arrival and exodus cannot be monitored or identified and they can give trouble to even the most experienced pest control technicians.  (more…)