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How to Plan Large Renovation Project

Planning a renovation is a stressful project as many factors require consideration. Many people look for information on renovation process via many sources from journals, internet and books, I think internet is a great source of finding useful information as a result, I recommend you to visit this amazing article about basement renovation. The scope of the job is the vital part of beginning a renovation process , the time frame , cost, value and appearance are some of the key factors to check out before embarking on the process. The work done before the launch of the renovation project is directly related to how the finished work will look like. When planning on doing a a large renovation here are some of the pointers to look for

Need evaluation – it is crucial to clearly know and understand what the project requires and all the steps required before the process comes into completion.

Situation assessment- take all the notes of the items required for the renovation process . Make a list of all the things required in the room and make a priority of which places require immediate attention , moving to areas that require less renovation. Making such notes aids in giving the renovator a starting point.

Make measurements of all the fixtures, cabinets, tubs , toilets and any other equipment requiring change. Mark all the electrical outlets and cable location with red marker pen for easy identification. The vents should be marked with a green pen for identification . After completion of this process , it offers a guideline on the size of space remaining or available space, after marking all the equipments require give a local hardware, plumber and stores determine the approximate cost of what will be required.

Some renovations require a consultation with the city planning offices , the city building department will give you a feedback regarding the cope of the renovation model. They also give permits depending on the city . Before hiring a contractor to carry on with the work it is important to get all the rough estimates of the requirements and ask several people for opinions or recommendations. You can invite several contractors to bid for the work and hence, select the best based on their experience , quality of service and cost. It is crucial to add ten to twenty percent more for the time and cost of the project as the other factors may determine the time and cost used. In summary, the above stated factors are important when planning renovation project.