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Sure Shot and Cost Effective Pigeon Control Methods

Pigeons can cause a lot of problems. Pigeon dropping ruin monuments and roofs. The uric acid in their dropping can damage the finish on your cars and houses. It also contains bacteria and fungi that are very harmful to humans. Some of the diseases they can cause include Cryptococcosis, Psittacosis, and Histoplasmosis.

These birds are not protected by the state of federal laws. However, you should check the government’s guidelines regarding concerning their status and which cost effective pigeon control method is allowed in your region. So before you hire professional pigeon control services, it is best that you implement some of the below-mentioned methods and tools to see if you can get a cost-effective pigeon control method to your problem.

Attach anti-roosting spike strap to any place that pigeon might want to perch on. You can buy these stripes at any garden center or hardware store.

You should not try to feed pigeons. Keep food scraps in closed dustbins and paper bags to prevent the bird from getting attracted and feeding off from these sources. Also, if you can;t handle it yourself we highly recommend calling your local professional bird control company.

Pigeons hate water. so don’t water your lawns during the day. Wait for the moment when pigeons are sleepy at night and give these pigeons a good bath.
Pigeons hate spice. Sprinkle pepper, cinnamon, cloves, coriander seeds or Fenugreek leaves at places where they roost. Be generous with the spice and repeat the process after wet weather.

Motion sensor sprinklers are the best for sensing the presence of any bird or animal and work to drive away anything that comes near them.

Using an old CD is the best method to scare away pigeon from your house. Hang a CD on the roof of your house. When the sun shines and the wind blows, the reflection and the movement of the CD will scare them away.

Honey is another natural remedy for controlling these birds. Sprinkle some honey on the roof and balcony of your house. Pigeons avoid sitting on sticky things. So it is the best way to keep the birds away.

You can also use cooked rice to get rid of these nasty birds. It contains starch which is not good for the digestive system of the pigeons. Sprinkle some cooked rice on your roof. You will certainly get some good results.

Put some reflecting thing or mirror or the roof and your balcony. Their reflection will scare them away and they will not again return to your area.
Before you hire a professional pigeon removal service, try the above mentioned cost effective pigeon control methods to get rid of them.